"Della Gioiosa" farm estate became the property of the Morelli Family at the beginning of the 19th Century.
Carlo Morelli - www.archiviocarlomorelli.it – a deputy in the first Italian Parliament and Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of Florence, arranged for the property to be renovated, extending the manor house and streamlining crop cultivation.
The central unit of the Estate, which has always kept its original name, then passed to Guido Morelli and from him to his son Giuseppe, who in turn, passed it to Giovanna Morelli. It was then inherited by Giovanna’s daughter, Maria Pia Betti Mussi, who left it to her son, lawyer and current owner, Guido Mussi.
Today the estate is made up of the manor house – for the exclusive use of the owners – with adjoining farm land and the three farmhouses making up the smaller farmsteads " I Luoghi", "Il Poderino" and "La Gioiosa I" which occupy an area of almost 100 hectares (247 acres) used for growing olive trees and mainly vegetable and cereal crops.
At the beginning of the 2000s Patrizia Pucciarelli Mussi, and her daughters Costanza and Benedetta, made the farm business more efficient and profitable by skillfully carrying out new renovation work on the property, assigning some of the outbuildings to what became the farmhouse holiday business today, retaining its historical name ‘Fattoria della Gioiosa’ and comprising two buildings : Il Poderino and La Gelinda.

La Fattoria

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